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Mrs. Fredericka Grundtisch, wife of Mr. Henry Grundtisch and daughter of Mrs. Catherine Dilger, was born in Buerg Ober-Arut Weiblingen Kindom of Wueterberg, Germany, on 20th day of March, A.D. 1846. She was dedicated to the Lord, in holy baptism in infancy. At the age of 12 years, in 1858, May 13th, she with her parents, immigrated to this country and settled here. Later on she was more fully instructed in doctrines of our holly (sic) religion, confirmed and received into the full communion, with the church of Christ, by Rev. Hordorf. She remained a faithful member of the church, in connection with Reformed congregation, to the blessed end of her mortal life. She entered the state of holy matrimony with Mr. Henry Grundtisch, March 20th, 1863. Their union was blessed with 8 children, three of whom are still living, and mourn with their father and good aged grandmother, the early death of a faithful and loving wife, a tender mother and affectionate daughter. She suffered about to (sic) years, more or less, with what finally proved consumption, but she was bed-fast, only since the 7th of September last. She suffered patiently and prayed to be submissive to her Heavenly Father's will. She greatly enjoyed religious services at her bedside, to her last hour. She was perfectly weaned of the world and in humble faith, relied upon the mercies of her dear Savior, and thus had no fears of death, was ready to depart and be with Jesus; yea, even longed and prayed for him to come receive her unto himself in glory, and so fell asleep in Jesus, on Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 4:20 p.m., aged 39 years, 9 months and 23 days. Not only does the family sustain an irraparable (sic) loss in her death, but the community loses a good helpful and peaceable neighbor, and the church loses one of their most devoted, uncomplaining, and Godly members, whose life and conduct is worthy of imitation by all.  E.D.M. [Rev. E.D. Miller]

--Wyandot County Republican, Upper Sandusky, OH, Thursday, 21 JAN 1886


Death of Mrs. Henry Grundtisch.--After many weeks and months of patient suffering, Fredericka, wife of Mr. Henry Grundtisch, calmly closed her eyes in death, at the family home, on east (sic) Wyandot avenue, last Wednesday [13 JAN 1886] evening. The deceased had for a long time been afflicted with consumption, but the friends, as is natural, entertained hopes that her life would be spared for some time yet, and to that end left nothing undone that would add to her relief and comfort. But Providence ruled otherwise, and the devoted wife and mother was called from her earthly tabernacle to a happier and better home, where ills never come and sorrows are unknown. The deceased, whose maiden name was Fredericka Dilger, was a native of Germany, and was born March 20, 1846. She came with her parents to this country in 1858, where they located on a farm in Pitt township [Wyandot Co, OH]. She was married to her surviving husband on the 26th of April, 1863. Eight children were the fruits of this union--only three of whom survive their mother one son and two daughters, the former, Jacob, being teller in the First National Bank. The deceased was a noble, christian (sic) lady, a devoted wife and mother, and enjoyed the esteem and respect of a large circle of friends and acquaintances. The funeral took place Friday [15 JAN 1886] afternoon, the services being conducted at the German Reformed Church, by Rev. E.D. Miller, after which the remains were interred in Oak Hill Cemetery.

--The Wyandot Union, Upper Sandusky, OH, Thursday, 21 JAN 1886

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