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From the history of Eden Centralized School [Eden Twp, Wyandot Co, OH] by (Miss) Ruth L. Failor, 1965

The bids [for the erection of the Eden Centralized School building] were opened on September 13, 1917. A motion carried to accept the bid of $32,961 for the general contract by Charles M. Cress of Upper [Sandusky, OH]. The bids for heating, ventilating and plumbing were laid on the table until further investigation. It can not (sic) be determined just when work began on the actual building process. There is record that Mr. Cress was first paid on December 18, 1917 in the amount of $2605.50 "for Estimate No. 1." On January 21, 1918, he was paid $1880 for Estimate No. 2. The next payments were in April and each succeeding month through September. On October 14, 1918 he was paid $500 for Estimate No. 9 which made a total of $29,855.12 paid to Mr. Cress.

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The August 9 [1918] meeting records that Charles M. Cress, of Upper [Sandusky, OH], the only bidder, received the contract for the complete sewerage disposal plant for $2800.

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The very first day of school in the new centralized building was on October 7, 1918. This late opening gave the contractor enough time to finish all things essential for the opening of school.

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