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At Findlay [OH], Departs This Life Thursday [03 DEC 1903] Afternoon at 1:30 o'Clock (sic)

Mrs. Eva Bradstreet, wife of T.L. Bradstreet, a former resident of Upper Sandusky [OH], died at Findlay Thursday afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock, of a complication of diseases, death coming as an angel of mercy, for she had been afflicted for a long time and suffered greatly. The funeral services took place at Findlay last Friday [04 DEC 1903] afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Saturday [05 DEC 1903] morning the remains were brought to this city [Upper Sandusky, OH] via the Big Four and Hocking Valley railroads and were taken to the home of her brother, Adam Grundtisch, corner of Walker and Seventh streets. They were accompanied here by the bereaved husband, T.L. Bradstreet, and daughter, Artella, and Mrs. Joseph Shively, who had gone to Findlay on Thursday.

Mrs. Bradstreet was born in Geiselberg, Rhine Bavaria, Germany, in 1856. She was married in this city to Mr. Bradstreet about twenty years ago. One child survives, a daughter, Artella. The following brothers and sisters of the deceased reside here: Frank Grundtisch, Adam Grundtisch, Jacob Grundtisch, Mrs. Elizabeth Burckhardt (sic) and Mrs. John Burckhardt (sic).

Mr. Bradstreet and daughter have the deepest sympathy of a large circle of Upper Sanduskians, who had always held the deceased in the highest esteem.

Last Earthly Rites.

The last rites over the remains of Mrs. Eva Bradstreet occurred at the home of her brother, Adam Grundtisch, corner Walker and Johnson streets, in this city, Sunday [06 DEC 1903] afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock.

A quartette, composed of Mrs. J.C. Carter, Miss Jeannette Brauns, Dr. A. Billhardt and Arthur A. Stutz, with Miss Nora Stutz as pianist, sang "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me," and Rev. J. W. Belser, pastor of Trinity Reformed church, offered a touching prayer. The quartette then sang "Bury Me Near My Old Home," and the casket was borne to the hearse by six nephews, Adam Grundtisch, of Marion [OH]; Fred Grundtisch, George Grundtisch, Edward Grundtisch, Adam Burckhardt (sic) and Albert F. Leser, and conveyed to Oak Hill cemetery for burial. The flowers were most magnificent. Just two years ago yesterday Mrs. Bradstreet's brother, Peter Grundtisch, was buried.

--The Wyandot Chief, Upper Sandusky, OH, Monday, 07 DEC 1903

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