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Son of Rev. G. Blaser, East of Town [Upper Sandusky, OH], Dies at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Word was received here Saturday [17 MAR 1900] of the death of Reuben Blaser, son of Rev. G. Blaser, residing east of town, which occurred at Albuquerque, New Mexico, that morning at 7 o'clock, from tuberculosis. He had gone to New Mexico last fall and for several months it was thought he would make a complete recovery, but some weeks ago his condition grew decidedly worse and the gravest fears were entertained as to the outcome. His father was notified of his condition and he at once sent W.B. Woolsey, of Nevada [OH], to Albuquerque to bring the young man home. They had intended to start for home Friday [16 MAR 1900] night, but Mr. Blaser's condition became so alarming that the start was deferred and next morning he died. The young man was aged about twentyfour years. The remains will be brought here for burial as soon as Mr. Woolsey can have them prepared for shipment.

--The Wyandot Chief, Upper Sandusky, OH, Monday, 19 MAR 1900



Last Saturday [17 MAR 1900] Rev. G. Blaser, of east of town [Upper Sandusky, OH], received a very sad message, namely, that his son, Reuben J., had died that morning at Albuquerque, N.M. Deceased went to that region months ago, in hopes of improving his health, and, for a time, he improved, but a turn for the worse followed and the decline was rapid. On learning that a turn for the worse had taken place, Mr. Blaser sent W.B. Woolsey out to Albuquerque to bring the son home, but before the time for departure, the young man had become too ill for travel. So the journey was delayed; meanwhile the end came. Deceased was but about twenty-four years of age, a worthy, nice young man, and all who knew him are pained to learn of his untimely end. The remains arrived here Tuesday [20 MAR 1900] morning, were taken charge of by Undertakers Orians & Stoneburner, and conveyed to the home of the father. The funeral occurred from the family home, at 1 o'clock, Wednesday [21 MAR 1900] afternoon, and at 2 o'clock at the Salem Evangelical church, in Eden township [Wyandot Co, OH]. The services were conducted by Rev. J.W. Zachman. Interment in church cemetery. The pallbearers were: Louis Althouse, Albert Althouse, Elmer Kuenzli, Frank Kuenzli, Arthur Kuenzli and Ernest Kuenzli.

--Wyandot County Republican, Upper Sandusky, OH, Thursday, 22 MAR 1900

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